Simon Pigeon


Simon Pigeon has more than one string to his bow, so much so that over the years he has managed to carve out a niche for himself in Quebec's cultural universe.


It was in Les étoiles filantes, at the age of 14, that Simon began his television career. We've seen him in Entre deux draps I-IV, 5e Rang, Nuit Blanche Lou et Sophie, Caméra Café (nouvelle génération) and FLQ : La Traque. Simon was also part of the cast of La Dérape, Olivier, District 31, Lourd, Marche à l'ombre and Les beaux malaises. In 2022, he helmed the animation of Chef Oli vire champêtre.

He landed his first big-screen role at age 15, in Un été sans point ni coup sûr. Since then, we've seen him in Prank. He has also appeared in 1987, Il était une fois les boys, Corbo, Le Déserteur, L'amour and Flashwood. Simon also made his theatrical debut in Romeo and Juliet at the TNM.



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