My company wants to get involved in the cause. Who should we talk to?

Please contact Simon Leblanc at and we will be happy to provide all the details about possible partnerships.


Let's play together towards a cancer-free future for children!

My company would like to form a corporate team for the event. Who can we talk to?

Thank you for your interest!

Please contact Simon Leblanc at

We'll be happy to discuss participation options with your company.

Let's play together towards a cancer-free future for children!

I'd like to form a team of friends for the event. Who can I talk to?

Thank you for your interest!

Please contact Steve Rouyre at

We'll be happy to discuss participation options with you.

Let's play together towards a cancer-free future for children!

Where do the donations go?

The entire sum raised for the Charles-Bruneau Cup will be donated to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.


Over 30 years, $55 million has been invested in research and the construction, development and equipment of a Centre and three Pediatric Oncology Units. This means that all children with cancer in Quebec are treated in a Charles-Bruneau Unit.

Visit the Fondation Charles-Bruneau's website for more details.

Is the fundraising done individually or as a team?

Ball hockey is a team sport so fundraising shall be done as a team too. All team players will contribute to the team goal. The team's goal is to reach the minimum required (average of $500 per player). 

If the team sets a higher fundraising goal than the one requested, will it be obliged to achieve it?

No. The team's commitment is to reach the fundraising target set when it registered for the tournament. This amount is equivalent to $500/player.


For example, the minimum fundraising commitment for a team of 10 players will be $5,000, even if your goal was set at $10,000.

How can my team be eligible for the Draft?

The Draft will be put in place to salute the effort to collect the teams. The exact parameters will be defined along the way based on the number of personalities available. One thing is certain, a team will have to exceed its fundraising goal!

What are the refund policies in case of cancellation?

Quebec: In the event of withdrawal, please notify us as soon as possible. After April 15, registration fees are non-refundable.


Montreal: In the event of withdrawal, please notify us as soon as possible. After August 1, registration fees are non-refundable.


By these dates, the equipment order will have been placed.

Do I need a complete roster in order to register?

No, that's not necessary.


As places are limited, you'd better reserve yours! The captain must register the team first, and can then send a private link to join the team. Players can be added to the team over time, until the deadline.


Recreational: a team must consist of between 10 and 15 players.


Mixed recreational: a team must be made up of 10 to 15 players, including a minimum of 4 women (excluding the goalkeeper position).

How do the categories work?

In order to offer a diversified experience and allow players to have fun, two categories are offered: Recreational and Mixed Recreational*. The captain must choose a category when registering the team. Don't worry, it can be changed later.


It's important to note that the Charles-Bruneau Cup remains a friendly, charity event benefiting children with cancer.


*For the Mixed Recreational category, a minimum of four women per team is required (minimum of two women on the playing surface at all times).

Can I enter a category and then change?

Yes, it is possible.


The captain needs to contact the organization to make the change. The category will be validated for all teams before the production of the tournament schedule. This will be done about a few weeks before the event.

Can a participant under the age of 18 register?

Yes. The Charles-Bruneau Cup allows a player to register from the age of 16. He must have a release from a parent or guardian in order to participate in the event.

Are spots at the Charles-Bruneau Cup limited?

Yes, for the third edition of the Charles-Bruneau Cup presented by IGA will be able host 54 teams.


Register your team now!

What is included in my $250 registration?

Each registration includes:

  • A jersey and shorts emblazoned with your team or company logo and colors
  • A $150 coupon on Knapper's online store (purchase of field hockey sticks, mandatory protective equipment, etc.)
  • Access to the IGA Food Zone, offering unlimited access to food and beverages at all times.
  • Partner activations and other activities for young and old alike
  • Tournament participation including insurance
  • On-site parking with cart transportation

What is the mandatory and recommended equipment?

The health and safety of our participants is our priority.

All participants in the Charles-Bruneau Cup must wear equipment suitable for ball field hockey. Protection is mandatory for legs and knees, hands, teeth, eyes and head.

When will I receive my $150 coupon from Knapper?

The coupon is issued once the entire team has registered on the Coupe's website. It is a unique code that the captain will receive by e-mail and can distribute to each member of his team.

I still have my equipment from last year, can I use it?

Absolutely. We encourage past editions' participants to reuse their equipment such as the stick and shin pads.  As for the jersey, a new official design will be made for the this new edition.

I completed my registration late. Can I still place an order with Knapper and receive it in time for the Coupe?

No problem! You can still order up to one week before the tournament. If required, you can also redeem the coupon directly on site on the day of the event, where the Knapper team will be on hand with an ephemeral boutique.

What are the rules for the Cup?

The Charles-Bruneau Cup is a sporting and friendly event. The goal is to relive together a highlight of our childhood, that of playing ball hockey in the street. And even on the street, there were rules! Each player will receive a list of rules for the smooth running of the Cup.

What is the game format?

The game format is 4 on 4 for all categories. Meaning that 4 players of each team on the surface in addition to the goalkeepers. For the co-ed category, each team must have a minimum of 2 female players on the surface at all time. 

What's the approximate schedule?

In previous editions, the opening match was played at 8am and the closing ceremony ended at 5pm. Everyone is then welcome at the Food Zone presented by IGA to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat, and chat about the day with colleagues, partners or opposing teams.

How many games will my team play in the Coupe Charles-Bruneau?

Each team will play a minimum of 3 games during the tournament. Subsequently, depending on the number of teams per category and the playoff format, a team could play up to 6 games to win the Cup! The detailed schedule will be provided no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Where will the Charles-Bruneau Cup presented by IGA will be held?

In partnership with the official presenter of the event, the third edition of the Charles-Bruneau Cup will take place at the IGA Stadium in Montreal. It is a unique place to set up a festive ball hockey event that will be out of the ordinary. Be ready!

Is on-site parking available?

Yes, the Fondation Charles-Bruneau has reserved a certain number of parking spaces, but these are limited.


We strongly advise you to carpool, and to arrive one hour before your first game.

Are all types of hockey sticks accepted?

Since the event will be held exclusively on plastic playing surfaces, the use of any type of stick in good condition is now allowed.

Is there a rain plan?

The Charles-Bruneau Cup will be held outdoors on Saturday, September 30, in good weather or bad weather. To ensure the safety of all participants, the event will be suspended in case of thunderstorms or extreme conditions. Facilities will allow participants to take shelter if ever needed.

Who are the star players?

The Foundation will solicit public figures from the sports community or the artists' union to become player or coach for certain teams with this privilege. Each public figure will have a profile on the website.


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