Hugo Giroux


Hugo Giroux has been working in television, theater, advertising and corporate voice work for almost 25 years. From District 31 to the series O' in the recent past, he is also part of the cast of Radio-Canada's À coeur battant, TVA's Le Bonheur and Indéfendable.


He is also part of the cast of the TV series Lance et compte, presented on TVA. His film credits include the role of Gosselin in Ricardo Trogi's Horloge biologique. He was also cast in Denis Arcand's L'Âge des ténèbres, Gabriel Pelletier's La Peur de l'eau and Luc Picard's Ésimésac.


Hugo's theater credits include Francis Weber's play Placard, which will tour Quebec in 2024.


He is the proud ambassador of the Coupe Charles-Bruneau Québec !


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